You Be Hatin’

Hi haters!  Welcome to my blog!

I look to last speedily approaching my destination of becoming an of import business office of the cyberspace because I woke upwards this morning time to a string of badly misspelled loathe post service as well as syntax-free angry comments.  Normally, this would direct keep made me crumple into a heap of trembling anxiety as well as self-hatred, but for the concluding few weeks, I direct keep been secretly preparation to withstand superhuman amounts of hatred past times hitting myself inwards the aspect upwards amongst a pocketbook total of aeroplane carcasses, thus I’m create for this.

First of all, congratulations for noticing that I depict pictures!  Apparently, other people depict pictures too!  I know this because you lot direct keep kindly informed me that I am copying Natalie Dee, XKCD, The Oatmeal, Nicholas Gurewitch and several 4Chan memes.

While I must acknowledge to beingness influenced past times all of those sources, I experience that the multifariousness as well as breadth of your accusations bear witness that I am non copying whatever ane of them.  Also, I don’t know if you’ve e’er drawn anything, but at that topographic point are a express set out of ways to depict a face.  I could depict something similar this:

But that moving painting doesn’t actually brand whatever sense.  No ane would empathize what I was fifty-fifty trying to do. 

Haters, you lot also pointed out that I wrote close cake as well as pie as well as that other people inwards the footing direct keep written close cake as well as pie too.  This is true.  I am deplorable that I talked close something that other people direct keep talked close before.  Please permit me to apologize past times providing a preview of what it would await similar if I solely posted unique combinations of words that had never been talked close before:

That was stupid.  No ane wants to read close that because it has no context as well as it doesn’t fifty-fifty direct keep whatever sentence-structure. I volition never, ever, EVER intentionally re-create mortal else’s work, but the cyberspace is actually big as well as no thing what precautions I take, chances are practiced that I volition state something at exactly about indicate that has been said before. That’s exactly how statistics work. I am sorry.

Anyway, I direct keep been told that if I desire to produce lots of shit on the cyberspace as well as direct keep lots of people run into it, I volition direct keep to bargain amongst haters.  Forever.  Luckily, I wrote this post as well as every fourth dimension I larn an e-mail accusing me of stealing something or telling me that I suck or that I’m going to hell for swearing, I tin exactly respond amongst a link as well as and thus become close the residual of my hateful solar daytime doing of import things similar blogging close pie as well as drawing pictures of bears.

P.S.  In the involvement of fairness, I experience that I should also advert the overwhelming total of positive feedback I’ve gotten inwards the concluding few days.  For every hate-filled e-mail or comment I’ve received, at that topographic point direct keep been at to the lowest degree 100 supportive as well as wonderful emails/comments.  Even my rigorous hatred-withstanding preparation could non direct keep gotten me through this without you lot guys.  Thank you.  You brand me dearest the cyberspace thus much that my aspect upwards hurts.