Why I Don’t Use a Radio Alarm Clock

Because waking upwards to “Mambo Number Five” past times Lou Bega feels similar existence stabbed inwards the confront alongside music.

UPDATE: Just because I experience that listening to “Mambo Number Five” past times Lou Bega is similar existence bludgeoned repeatedly alongside the worst purpose of every vocal e’er together with it’s fifty-fifty worse because it gets stuck inwards your caput for half dozen months together with pretty presently yous are on your knees clawing at your face, yelling “GET information technology OUT! GET information technology OUT!” until yous seriously origin to regard line-fishing it out of your encephalon alongside a meat hook, doesn’t hateful that everyone feels that way.

Alert reader, Kiley, said she likes Lou Bega together with I was similar “WHAT???” simply thus I realized that he in all likelihood didn’t attain the summit of the charts because he made everyone bleed from the face.  The reality is that to a greater extent than or less people similar Lou Bega.

Curious most this phenomenon, I asked Kiley what she likes most him together with she replied that his music makes her experience similar dancing.

This made me realize that that is just why I don’t similar “Mambo Number Five” past times Lou Bega.   It’s similar Lou Bega is standing correct there, prodding yous together with yelling “HEY!  GET UP AND DANCE!! DANCE BECAUSE WE’RE HAVING FUN! FUNFUNFUNFUNFUNFUNFUN!!!! PARTY TIME!!!”

And thus I’m similar “No Lou Bega, non political party time…”


And I’m similar “SHUT UP LOU BEGA!  IT’S 5:00 AM!!”


It’s similar existence raped alongside fun.

And that’s why I don’t similar “Mambo Number Five” past times Lou Bega.