This Post Is Brought To You by Spiders. And Logic.

I stayed upward until 6:00 AM because when I tried to larn to bed, I flora 2 spiders on my blanket in addition to I idea mayhap at that topographic point were to a greater extent than in addition to maybe the entire blanket was amount of spiders, thence I position my blanket out inwards the hall in addition to and thence waited for Boyfriend to wake upward in addition to larn to operate thence I could role his sleeping pocketbook which I arbitrarily decided was spider-proof. It seemed perfectly logical at the time.

Anyway, I woke upward at 10 in addition to I idea it was at least noon, but no. It was ten. And in addition to thence I was similar “Shit. I alone got 4 hours of slumber for no reason.”

And that’s why I’m posting only about of my drawings that I flora on my figurer instead of a existent spider web log post.