This Is Why I Accept Hundreds Of Unpublished Posts…

I drew this today:

I idea it was actually funny.  I showed it to Boyfriend, together with he looked at it for an awkwardly long fourth dimension earlier looking upwardly at me together with making a audio that was also tainted alongside confusion to move considered laughter.  So I was similar “Get it?” 

Boyfriend:  “No…?” 

Me:  “It’s funny because those triangles solely await fun to hang out alongside because I drew them that way.” 


Me:  “I could bring drawn hateful triangles, but I drew happy, fun-looking ones.” 

Boyfriend:  “Yes you lot did.” 

Me:  “And that’s why it’s funny.  I’m certain non all triangles are fun to hang out with.  Just the ones I made.” 

Boyfriend:  “What is incorrect alongside you?” 

Me:  “I don’t teach why you lot are having such a difficult fourth dimension alongside this!  Triangles don’t bring personalities.  I am projecting personalities onto the triangles!  And together with thus I’m making a blanket generalization nearly all triangles based upon my ain arbitrary projection!” 

Boyfriend:  “Okay.” 

Me:  “No, you lot withal don’t teach it!” 

Boyfriend:  “I teach it.  It’s simply actually weird.”  

Me:  “You don’t empathise what a burden it is to bring such an advanced feel of humor.” 

Boyfriend:  “I’m sorry.  It must move terrible.”  

Me:  “I bet this is precisely how Beethoven felt.” 

Boyfriend:  “Beethoven played the piano.” 

Me:  “I know that.  I was making an analogy.  Someday I’m going to move a famous genius together with you’re withal going to move a hobo!” 

Boyfriend:  “Still?” 

Me:  “Yeah.  And I won’t plow over you lot whatever coin because you lot were such an asshole to me earlier I was a famous genius.” 

Boyfriend: “Well, inwards that case, tin I brand you lot roughly waffles or something?” 

Me:  “Nope. Sorry. Too late. I’m going to teach describe to a greater extent than pictures that you lot aren’t evolved plenty to understand.”  

And then I drew these: 

After nearly 45 minutes, Boyfriend was similar “What are you lot doing?” 

Me:  “Drawing.” 

Boyfriend:  “What are you lot drawing?” 

Me:  “You wouldn’t understand.” 

Boyfriend:  “Maybe I would…” 

So together with thus I showed the pictures to Boyfriend together with he was similar “The speed bump i is form of funny…” 

I bet fifty-fifty Beethoven didn’t bring to bargain alongside this form of adversity.