Someone Should Probably Kill This Post With Fire

I set upwards a poll a duo days agone to endeavor to estimate how yous guys would experience virtually me putting a duo ads on my blog.  I allowed yous to selection multiple answers, then the information mightiness hold upwards skewed slightly, but fifty-fifty still, the results were a lilliputian surprising to me:

Don’t yous recollect yous guys are beingness a lilliputian melodramatic virtually this?  Did yous know that 224 of yous are dead now?  

You should actually endeavor to croak less easily.  

And to the 162 of yous who are going to come upwards to my identify too kicking me inwards the appear upwards (even though one-half of yous are likely dead correct at in i lawsuit due to overlap inwards the results):  I’ll hold upwards wearing a steel-reinforced hockey mask.   

Anyway, the ads are up.  There are 3 of them.   I know side past times side to nil virtually SEO, then the ads that present upwards are going to hold upwards pretty random.   

And in case any of you are worried, this is as far as I’m going to go with monetization on this blog.  (I had to bold this side past times side role because fifty-fifty afterward posting virtually this on Facebook, Twitter and my blog, I am still getting comments/emails virtually how I meliorate non set pop-ups on my blog.) 

You volition never reckon me write a paid review of anything.  I volition never molest yous alongside pop-ups or pop-unders or anything that flashes or moves or causes my page to freeze.  There volition hold upwards no pop-ups or moving things.  None.  Ever.  

That lilliputian box of text inwards the sidebar is it.  That is what I was making a large bargain about.  

That beingness said, I exercise desire to brand this whole advertising matter to a greater extent than entertaining for yous guys.  So what I’m going to exercise is run AdSense until I tin plough over notice teach some straight advertisers who volition permit me to pattern my ain ads.  So, straight advertisers, hither is a sample of what I tin plough over notice exercise for you, based off of product-requests from my readers (via Twitter too Facebook): 

While I recognize that I likely won’t hold upwards getting advertising from Macintosh or Adobe Illustrator, it doesn’t wound to courtroom them a little.  However, person needs to accept downward Charmin Ultra because their thinly-veiled dingleberry jokes are getting sort of annoying.  

IN OTHER NEWS:  I haven’t been posting equally frequently.  You receive got likely noticed this.   I knew I wouldn’t hold upwards able to proceed upwards that crazy 7-day-a-week posting schedule I had going final month, but I recollect I tin plough over notice grapple 3 or four posts a calendar week pretty indefinitely in i lawsuit my life settles downward a little.  So but inwards instance yous were worried, this lapse inwards posting doesn’t hateful my weblog is inwards its decease throes.  On the contrary, it way that my weblog is doing then good that I’ve been besides busy to write a post every unmarried day.  



I receive got been inundated alongside emails virtually Spaghatta Nadle, then hither yous go, weirdos. 

Spaghatta Nadle encounters the comments department of icanhascheezburger… 

And at in i lawsuit 2 invitee strips past times Boyfriend: 

Okay.  This post was a monstrosity.  All the dissever parts were okay, but when I set them together it but came out all weird.  Like putting A1 steak sauce on a banana.  

UPDATE:  I’ve been asked a few times virtually whether clicking the ads makes me money.  The respond is yes, but yous can’t but teach clicking on every advertizing because yous similar me.  I wholeheartedly appreciate the sentiment, but Google classifies it equally click-fraud too I’ll brand it trouble.  However, if yous reckon something that interests you, experience gratuitous to accept a await at it.