So I only remembered that I accept to give-up the ghost to the dentist over again today together with endure through the judging all over over again — solely it’s going to live worse this fourth dimension because I didn’t fifty-fifty brush my teeth yesterday.  Last fourth dimension I went to the dentist, I brushed my teeth like, five times the 24-hour interval earlier together with the dentist was however all upwardly inwards her tower close my “intermittent flossing” together with my “bleeding gums.”  Guess what, dentist?  If individual poked you in the mouth with a metallic spike, y’all would bleed too!

But somehow she thinks it’s my error that I’m bleeding.

I’m pretty certain she’s a robot.  That’s why she has such a difficult fourth dimension agreement the human relationship betwixt stabbing together with bleeding.

This also agency that I am in all likelihood non going to survive.  Most robots are malicious together with vengeful, together with my filthy teeth volition solely serve to aggravate the dentist further, thence I actually don’t come across how I accept a chance.   The solely matter I tin actually think of is to await until just the correct 2nd together with thence throw H2O on the dentist, perhaps causing it to short-circuit.  

Now I only accept to detect a way to conceal the H2O thence that the dentist does non give-up the ghost suspicious.