Procrastinator!!!! (Updated, Like, A 1000000 Times Probably)

Today, my procrastination on returning emails in conclusion reached critical mass.  I woke upwardly amongst a feeling of dread as well as apprehension – similar perhaps I was going to larn stabbed.  I drank a whole bunch of coffee, but that entirely made me experience paranoid.   I tried non to banking concern jibe my post because I knew it was going to hold back similar this:

I never intend for things to larn this way.   I ignore something for ane day, as well as pretty shortly it’s 18 days later on as well as I even thence haven’t done it.  Then my responsibilities move wrapped upwardly inwards thence much guilt as well as helplessness that I receive got to ignore them because I’d rather experience proficient virtually myself.  

I only proceed pretending that I don’t receive got anything to practise until the sum of materials I receive got to practise becomes thence massive that it ruptures my poor psychological defence organisation similar a H2O balloon as well as all my responsibilities explode out at me at 8 one one thousand miles per lx minutes as well as hitting me inwards the seem upwardly as well as thence I’m lying on the terra firma flailing dramatically as well as that’s non making it whatsoever amend thence I drinkable to a greater extent than coffee, but no, it even thence doesn’t work, as well as it makes me receive got to pee as well as that reminds me that I don’t receive got whatsoever lav newspaper as well as somehow that seems similar an impossible work to remedy thence I only prevarication on the floor, helpless as well as uncomfortable, wondering how this happened to my life.

Anyway, I variety of forgot where I was going amongst this.  I think by as well as large I wanted to depict dramatic pictures  of myself existence stabbed as well as beaten downwards past times my responsibilities as well as I didn’t actually think of how I was going to larn inwards into a coherent weblog post.   

I am deplorable for this post.  I’m going to position out it anyway because I’m feeling irrational.

UPDATE:  Now I idea of an ending!

UPDATE:  I was reading over this in ane lawsuit again as well as I remembered that I’m unemployed as well as I don’t actually receive got whatsoever responsibilities except perhaps a few things similar writing emails as well as feeding my pets.  Then I felt bad because I’m sitting hither inwards a life-altering panic over a rattling basic labor that most normal people achieve spell drinking their java inwards the morning time – earlier heading off to their existent jobs where they receive got existent responsibilities.  

This is a perfect event of why I would crumple upwardly as well as popular off inwards the workforce.  Anyway, I made an accolade for everyone who manages to run as well as e-mail as well as accept aid of kids as well as non kill their plants:  

UPDATE:  Now I made an accolade for the procrastinators too.  I wasn’t trying to move ironic past times posting it 4 hours after everything else, but I approximate it variety of worked out that way: