Pre-Post Transition Post

This isn’t a true post. i am about to post the important post tomorrow. however it appears like there ought to be some style of intermediate issue to arrange everybody for the abrupt amendment of speed ahead.

Here’s an image of associate heavier-than-air craft.


I understand that airplanes do not appear as if that, however this has been a tough year on behalf of me and learning the way to draw planes accurately wasn’t precisely a priority. I perhaps may have chosen to draw one thing else, however I started drawing the plane, and there was already an excessive amount of momentum.

Anyway, I desire this can be changing into far more concerning planes than I had anticipated. Let’s locomote.

If, at any purpose over the last eighteen months, you’ve got questioned what was happening to American state and why it’d be happening, my post tomorrow ought to make a case for everything.

I’ve been functioning on it for the higher a part of a year (partly as a result of I wished to urge it precisely right, and partially as a result of i used to be still experiencing it whereas trying to clarify it, that created things weird), and i am eased and excited and afraid to finally be able to post it.

At now, you are all most likely speculative what’s it? what is within the post?? Is it airplanes? And no, it sadly has little or no to try to to with airplanes.* it is a style of sequel to my post concerning depression. it’s conjointly concerning depression. In parts, it’d get a bit flinch-y and uncomfortable, and if I reach creating you laugh throughout those components, you are going to feel real weird concerning yourselves. however it’s okay. simply let it happen. i would like it to happen. as a result of it makes American state feel powerful, and conjointly as a result of there area unit flinch-y, uncomfortable things everyplace. Seeing them is inevitable. If we are able to laugh concerning a number of them, perhaps they will be less chilling to appear at.

Okay, therefore that is what is going on to happen tomorrow. Hopefully this transition post makes the expertise less jarring for everybody.

*As it seems, there’s a plane. I had forgotten concerning it (it’s little and not the most focus of the post) and also the coincidence was entirely unintentional. i might ne’er tell you there are not about to be planes whereas being totally aware that there is a plane.