Leave Me Alone!!! I’m Watching My Programs!!!!!

The beginning of the week is hard for me.  After non writing on the weekend, I ever experience similar whatever I produce side past times side has to endure legendary to brand upward for it.  But when I am trying to write something legendary, all I tin intend of is materials similar “cake is awesome” too “one fourth dimension I cruel downwards too wound myself.”  Eventually I only goal upward hiding inwards a corner too watching The Bachelor for half dozen hours immediately because it “helps me think” but truly it’s because I desire to forget near my responsibilities.  That approach truly plant pretty good until I start yelling at the contestants too Boyfriend walks inwards too says “Oh, at that topographic point you lot are!  What are you lot doing?”  And I await upward at him from my corner, my confront too hands covered inwards beloved because I only ate a beloved too butter sandwich too I nation “LEAVE ME ALONE!!!  I’M WATCHING MY PROGRAMS!!!!!”

Then Boyfriend says “What’s on your face?”  

And I’m similar “IT’S HONEY! GET OUT OF YOUR F****NG TOWER AND STOP ACTING LIKE YOU’VE NEVER HAD HONEY ON YOUR FACE BEFORE!!!”  And Boyfriend is like “What?” And I’m all “DON’T JUDGE ME!”  And I run away.

Then it’s all of a abrupt Tuesday too I haven’t accomplished anything aside from making myself truly pasty too totally disillusioned amongst love.  At only about indicate I’m similar “I only accept to produce it.  I’m going to sit down downwards too write too run across what comes out.  No pressure.”

Anyway, that’s how posts similar this happen.

UPDATE:  I started responding to comments on this shipping service too I realized that most of my responses were explaining butter too beloved sandwiches, which is an admittedly weird affair to eat.  I decided to elaborate hither instead.

I used to truly savour peanut butter too beloved sandwiches, but I tin no longer swallow peanut butter because Boyfriend is deathly allergic to nuts.  We cannot accept peanut butter inwards our house.  I all the same love breadstuff too honey, though, too thus I got the brilliant reckon to substitute regular butter for peanut butter.

It’s like all the best parts of every food ever, combined into one sandwich.  If you lot could position happiness on breadstuff too swallow it, that’s what eating a beloved too butter sandwich would endure like.