I’m writing a book. With pages!

Guess what?

I’m writing a book. With pages!



And there’ll be photos on the pages. And words. and perhaps the pages are extremely mechanics or one thing. i have never extremely set what all of the advanced options square measure attending to be nonetheless. It’s powerful to settle on.



Anyway, i have been desirous to tell you guys regarding this for a really, terribly while, and currently I finally can!

Touchstone (a division of Simon & Schuster) can tentatively unleash my book in Fall 2012, that feels like it is a while away, but really, it’s solely the biological time of 2 slightly premature babies. And if you are a time-traveler, then it is as presently as you wish it to be. It is now!

If you are not a time someone, here square measure some useful timeframe comparisons to create the book’s publication date appear not as way away:


So really, it’s not really that far. And i will keep change here within the in the meantime.

The book can contain roughly five hundredth new material. the opposite five hundredth are posts I’ve revealed on this web site already, however a number of the posts that didn’t antecedently contain illustrations are illustrated. it’ll be primarily a bit like my web log in book-form (illustrated short stories, guides, etc.), however it’ll have a minimum of a shot at AN structure structure, probably.

There isn’t extremely AN suitably climactic thanks to finish this announcement, thus here’s an image of some shapes: