I feel like I need to make it better than whatever I wrote before it so that it never appe

Every fourth dimension I write something new, I experience similar I demand to larn inward ameliorate than whatever I wrote earlier it thence that it never appears every bit though I am regressing. Except I form of experience similar the concluding span posts I wrote are pretty much the best I’m capable of – similar perhaps I peaked in addition to everything else I’m e’er going to create volition hold upward a disappointment. (<– I wroet that utilization sober. Now it’s non thence good. Also the adjacent part.)

So I decided that likely the best matter to create would hold upward to larn really, really, genuinely boozer in addition to thence write well-nigh goose egg until whatever expectations that anyone may accept e’er had of me are sufficiently loweered. Then what happened was that I had some footling bottles of rum that I got out of a piñata concluding summertime in addition to they were lying around in addition to thence I drank them.

Here’s the illustrated version of what I only said:

And that’s pretty much what’s happening correct now.
(now existent boozer starts) Anyway, I asked Twtter in addition to they said I should create this live, thence that’s what I’m going to do. I don’t fifty-fifty know what I’m going to utter about. Please yet honor me afterward this, oksay?
UPDATE: So I decided to describe a graph to ameliorate stand upward for the psycholgical predicament I’m. This is it:
Basically, a burrito is pretty awesome. And thence yous larn a fighter gjet in addition to the burrito isn’t thence awesome anymore because burritos can’t wing inward the air in addition to kill things from a bang-up distance.
So my reasoning goes that if I write a post when I’m genuinely drunk, it volition hold upward similar this:
UPDATE: I meant to complete that off past times proverb that the burrito would thence seem to a greater extent than awesome compared to whatever the worst matter e’er was. Maybe a rock. Like a really, genuinely shitty rock. LIke a stone made out of styrofoam.
UPDATE: I jsut realized that I powerfulness hold upward setting a bad representative for my younger readers. Kids, this isn’t a goodness idea. I made this for yous to bear witness it:
I am ashamed of that horse. If I wasn’t drunk, I could describe a Equus caballus that was at to the lowest degree a M times better. I’m preactically an practiced at drawing horses, thence I should know. When I was a kid, I used to describe horses, like, every unmarried day.
UPDATE: I hope i’m genuinely really goodness at drawing hoerses. I only drew this Equus caballus in addition to I didn’t fifty-fifty try:
It’s a palomino in addition to it’s jumping!
UPDATE: And this is the argue that posts similar this accept to happen:
Does this individual genuinely recall that proverb that is going to brand me larn “Oh, okay. Sorry well-nigh the delay inward lineament material. I was only messing amongst you. I’ll larn correct dorsum to making everything just upward to your specifications.”
Sorry dude. I can’t alive upward to your expectations all of the time. Sometimes I’m going drinkable 6 miniature bottles of rum in addition to thence describe horses. That’s only the agency the globe works.
Anyway, guy, I drew yous a picture:
It’s by in addition to large scribbles amongst a few dots. I felt similar that yous needed to accept your expectations lowered. I see well-nigh adding some blue, but thence I see “fuck that guy. He doesn’t deserve blue. I’m non putting whatever inward there.”
UPDATE: But thence I made a drawing amongst a whole lot of bluish for the balance of you. Just for contrast.
UPDTAE: So I’m sitll genuinely conceredned well-nigh the representative Im’ setign. That was second lot of typos, but I recall I’m going to move out it because it’s honest. I’ll endeavor to edit the adjacent utilization to the best of my ability. Which is non much ability. Anyway, I made some other drawing to present why drinking is bad:
There’s no possible agency to interpert that positively.
UPDATE: WAit. I establish a way.
But yous yet shouldn’t drink. Because fifty-fifty though the upside-down, colorless ranbow tin give the sack plow into a smiley face, it yet has 5 double chins. So that’s like, x chins. Watch out.
UPDATE: There’s a weird indicate afterward you’ve been drinking for a wihle where things outset to plow in addition to larn weird. After a few hours of drinking, yous experience all bang-up in addition to giddy:
And thence there’s a turning point.
And pretty presently yous outset contemplating your mortality in addition to the mortality of everything and there’s a creeping feeling that yous in addition to everything yous know in addition to dearest is going to die.
I recall I’ve almsot reached that point. I should likely either drinkable more, larn to bed or swallow something genuinely awesome.
UPDATE: Guess what?
And I ate a pita shell. I experience better.
UPDATE: It is at in 1 lawsuit morn in addition to I experience similar perhaps I accomplished the contrary of what I was trying to attain because at in 1 lawsuit I experience fifty-fifty to a greater extent than pressure level to perform to brand upward for this monstrosity. Anyway, I won’t delete this rambling will to my psychological shortcomings, but I recall I’m going to motility it downward the page a little. Maybe a few posts back, thence it’s only buried plenty to give me a footling peace of mind.