I Can’t Feel My Face!!!

I had to larn to the dentist in i lawsuit again today.  To larn a crown.  And fillings.  It was my showtime time.  This is what I felt similar this morning:

After 3 hours of drilling in addition to twelve shots of novocain, I can’t experience my confront at all.  Or my throat.   This is what I experience similar correct now:

Or maybe this one:

I had to larn the crown because my molar had a conjoined twin that was getting cavities all upward inwards its shit.  They had to larn rid of the conjoined twin molar in addition to hence file the remaining molar downwards in addition to position a temporary mistaken molar over it.  It was pretty dramatic:

Anyway, right away I’m all pissed off, sitting at home, unable to experience my confront or eyes or throat.  I can’t fifty-fifty swallow because I accept no command of my swallowing muscles in addition to I’m dwelling lone in addition to I’d likely decease in addition to the paramedics would respect me in addition to live on similar “Oh no, her confront is all fucked up.  She must accept had a stroke.   Why was she eating raw pork?  Oh wait… that’s her ain lip.”

I intend this is likely the saddest 24-hour interval ever.