7 Games You Can Play With a Brick

If you lot accept a brick or a pile of bricks, you lot may endure thinking “bricks are actually boring.”  But you’re wrong.   There are belike a 1000000 ways to accept fun amongst a brick.   Here are 7 of them.

1.  “Brick Tag”

The rules of brick tag are simple:  if you lot teach striking past times the brick, you’re “it.”  You tin besides play brick freeze-tag, but it is non recommended since a game involving blunt-force trauma to the caput doesn’t actually ask to endure complicated past times non beingness able to nation if your friends are dead or only non “unfrozen” yet.  


2. “Brick Roulette”

Have your friends stand upwards inward a circle unopen to you.  Put on a blindfold.  Spin unopen to equally fast equally you lot tin piece asset the brick amongst your arm fully extended to construct upwards maximum force.  Let go.  

3. “Jump Over the Brick”

Put the brick on the ground.  Jump over it.  See how high you lot tin jump.  

4. “Truth or Brick”

Tell the truth or teach the brick.

5. “Drop the Brick”

Find something tall.  Go upwards on locomote on of it.  Drop the brick.  

6. “Brick Conquerers”

Fuck the brick up.  Hit it amongst a stick, stab it amongst a sword, laid upwards it on burn – the finish is to inflict maximal impairment on the brick. 

7. “Duck, Duck, Brick”